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The Transportation Museum was opened in 2011 and contains Santa Fe Trail history
and includes wagons, buggies, and classic cars like the 1927 Buick shown above
owned by the Fleagle Gang.


4th through 10th grade Science Fair participants from Wiley visited Big Timbers Museum
while their projects were being judged.


Jason Tice, history teacher at Lamar High School, brings his Southeast
Colorado History classes to the Big Timbers Museums each year. This photo was
taken in the Transportation Museum near the 
1927 Buick
which is part of the Fleagle Bank Robbery Display.

Jason Tice (right) teaches history at Lamar High School and is shown here in the Big Timbers
Transportation Museum with two of his students looking at the
1927 Buick
which is a part of the Fleagle Bank Robbery Display.