Hotline County Connection Center Call Taker

Hotline County Connection Center Call Taker

Description :

Description: Call Takers answer calls from callers around the state and country concerning child abuse/neglect and adult protection concerns. Call Takers must determine the specific need of each caller, obtain detailed information from the caller and direct or transfer the caller to the appropriate county.  Many calls require the Call Taker to interview the caller through a detailed set of questions known as Enhanced Screening both on a format and common sense follow up questions. Call Takers must document detailed information from callers, organize that information into a concise and accurate report and submit that report to the appropriate county or organization. 
Call Takers must be able to effectively communicate through phone systems, accurately document detailed information as they are receiving it, and enter and submit that information in Department of Human Services reporting systems. Call Takers must also complete any other necessary duties as assigned to ensure contract compliance.

Call Taker Duties:

  • Process phone calls to assure that they are directed to the appropriate county child/adult protective services agency;
  • Conduct phone interviews and document referrals of suspected child and adult abuse and neglect while meeting Colorado Code of Regulations Staff Manuals Volume 7 and Volume 30 requirements; referrals are also processed which have been submitted via email and fax;
  • Managing a high volume of calls while also documenting high quality reports;
  • Handling difficult phone calls related to intense situations such as physical or sexual abuse of children or at risk adults and interviewing escalated callers;
  • Understanding the different databases and applications utilized by the Hotline County Connection Center and child/adult protective services in Colorado;
  • Conducting one’s self in a professional manner when interacting with community members, mandatory reporters or professional agencies;
  • Flexibility and the ability to do shift work – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Cooperate and work effectively with team members.
  • Important Skills:
  • The ability to type using a keyboard accurately and quickly
  • Hear and understand communication over the phone
  • Navigate through and use complicated computer systems

Education and Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Language proficiency – bilingual a plus
  • Typing proficiency

Pay and Benefits: Pay is broken down into two pay structures

  • Weekday pay: $15.25 hr.
  • Weekend/Evening pay: $16.25 hr.
  • Overtime pay is a time and a half
  • Hotline County Connection Center employees receive Prowers County Employee benefits including vacation time, medical/dental, retirement, and life insurance
  • Fully trained and qualified call takers may be able to work from home


Contact :

Contact: Ron Trowbridge

Applications can be obtained and turned in at the Prowers County Annex at 1001 South Main Street, Lamar, CO 81052 or printed off the Prowers County Website and mailed to PO BOX 1157, Lamar, CO 81052. Call with questions at 303-866-3004 or 719-336-7486 ext. 131.

Deadline for Applying : Open until filled