OLTC Case Manager-Journeyman

OLTC Case Manager-Journeyman

Description :

Options for Long Term Care, Single Entry Point

The Case Manager performs professional case management for the elderly, blind and disabled. Work involves assessing functional eligibility for Long Term Care programs. Employee is responsible for assessing needs of the client and developing a care plan and overseeing implementation of the care plan. The case manager promotes inter–agency coordination with the Department of Human Services Eligibility Technicians, Provider Agencies and Adult Protection. In addition, also acts as part of the 24/7 public health emergency response

  • Home visits
  • Intake
  • Assessment of client’s physical and mental abilities, level of functioning, family and other support systems and make determination as to program appropriateness
  • Care Planning using the client’s informal support system and community resources in regard to the client’s specific needs. Responsible for coordination, location and development of resources to maintain client’s highest level of independence within cost containment
  • Computer Data Entry
  • Act as the Utilization Review Contractor for the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing through prior authorization of Home and Community Base Services and Long-Term Home Health services
  • Work with doctors, hospital discharge planners, nursing home social workers, home health nurses, physical therapists, Hospice, Community Center Board, public transportation, meals on wheels, mental health, durable medical equipment suppliers, assisted living facilities, provider care agencies, as well as other Single Entry Point Agencies.
  • Referral to alternative community resources
  • Reporting of abuse and self-neglect to adult protection
  • Work involves a considerable period of time away from a standard office environment much of which consists of driving to and from home visits and collateral contacts.
  • At times more than normal physical exertion is required
  • Work may occur in situations in which incumbent is threatened with physical harm by hostile, angry clients
  • Defend agencies position at Administrative Law Judge Hearings

ADDITIONAL JOB FUNCTIONS  Performs other related work as required.


Case managers shall have at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the human behavioral science fields (such as human services, registered nurse, social work, psychology, etc.).

An individual who does not meet the minimum educational requirement may qualify as a Single Entry Point agency case manager under the following conditions:

  1. The determination as to the qualification as a case manager shall be made jointly by the Single Entry Point agency and the Department of Health Care and Financing.
  2. When using a combination of experience and education to qualify, the education must have a strong emphasis in a human behavioral science field.

A current resume is required along with the Prowers County Employment Application which can be found at: https://www.prowerscounty.net/government/administration/prowers_county_employment_opportunities.php

Email applications to: ddunning@prowerscounty.net or mhillman@prowerscounty.net.

Contact :

For more information, contact Delaine Dunning, Prowers County Public Health, Options for Long Term Care, (719) 336-1015.

Deadline for Applying : Open until filled