Part Time Museum Curator Assistant

Part Time Museum Curator Assistant

Description :

POSITION TITLE:  CURATOR ASSISTANT - SEASONAL – (MAY 1 – AUGUST 31) 4-16 HOURS PER WEEK – Non-Exempt (hourly without benefits package).  MINIMUM WAGE.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES:  Analytical ability to make sound, logical judgments and interpretations.  Ability to operate general office equipment such as a personal computer and telephone answering machine.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Must be able to perform the essential duties of the job, which are to provide customer service, administrative and inventory control services; light manual labor for set-up, take-down and maintenance on museum inventory and displays; and data entry as needed.  Ability to provide own transportation to the work site.  Must be able to attend assigned hours with at least 80% reliability.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  Must be able to sit and stand for extended periods of time.  Must be able to see and read typewritten text.  Must be able to write legibly.  Must have sufficient range of motion in hands, arms, and shoulders to be able to utilize a computer keyboard and mouse up to 75% of total work day.  Must be able to occasionally lift up to 20 lbs.  Must be able to interact verbally with public over telephone and in person by answering general questions about museum operation.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED:  Receives supervision from Museum Curator relating to resolution of questions or problems.  Exercises independent judgment and initiative in the accomplishment of most tasks.


  1. Ability to manage Museum Security Alarm at beginning and end of shifts.
  2. Monitor building, displays, and artifacts using good judgement in recognizing whether building operations (i.e., water leaks, electricity problems, etc.) and collection items are in satisfactory condition, in place, and present.
  3. Assist Museum Volunteers and provide supervision as directed by Curator.
  4. Perform research as directed by Curator.
  5. Perform Inventory tasks as directed by Curator.
  6. Ability to fill out acquisition paperwork for artifacts in the event that donations are made during shifts. (Occasionally donors or lenders walk-in with items and do not wish to return at a later date or time.)
  7. Assist with constructing displays, dioramas, display cases, and models as directed by Curator.
  8. Assist with cleaning objects as directed by Curator.
  9. Ability to provide tours of the Museum to visitors and groups.
  10. Ability to manage money in the collection of Museum Admission, Bookstore Sales, Research Donations and General Donations.
  11. Ability to greet Museum visitors and present an overview of the Museum and Collections.
  12. Ability to take notes, answer telephone, and take messages.
  13. General housekeeping including cleaning bathroom, kitchen area, sweeping floors, dusting, cleaning glass, vacuuming, and watering plants inside and outside buildings.
  14. Ability to work on any given day of the week, including most Saturdays.
  15. Perform other duties as assigned by Curator.

Contact :


April 5, 2021

Employment Opportunity Advertisement
Prowers County Big Timbers Museum
Hourly rate of pay - $12.32

Prowers County has a seasonal position at Big Timbers Museum for a part-time (hourly without benefits package) seasonal curator assistant.  Applicants must be able to work during the months of May, June, July, and August on any given day of the week, including most Saturdays.  Ability to work with the public and assist with inventory of museum artifacts is a must.   Application and full Job Description are available at the Colorado Workforce Center in Lamar; on the Prowers County Website: ; or may be picked up at the Prowers County Administration Office, 301 South Main Street, Suite 215, Lamar, CO 81052.  Deadline to return applications to the Administration Office is 5:00 p.m. on April 16, 2021.

Deadline for Applying : Apr 16, 2021