Social Caseworker

Social Caseworker

Description :

Prowers County Department of Human Services is taking applications for a Social Caseworker. The position requires a Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Human Behavioral Sciences field. There is no substitute of experience for the degree requirement. Requires a criminal background check. Applications are available at 1001 S Main St, Lamar CO or download from Taking applications until position is filled. Questions call
719-336-7486 xt 131.

Contact :

* Investigates reports of alleged abuse/neglect maintaining time frames in accordance with Volume VII Timeliness of assessments. Interview and observe victim and other children that reside in the home using regulated protocol and investigative questioning techniques gathering enough information for Safety and Risk Assessment, practicing techniques and procedures learned during formal training. Interview all family members, other residents and all relevant witnesses to gain as much information as possible on family situation including dynamics, resources and barriers. Based upon physical observation and results of interviews, determine level of risk and safety and course of action using Child Protection standards. Consult with Law Enforcement and Department Attorneys for additional insight and direction when necessary. Work closely with supervisors to develop a safety plan or alternative safety interventions including out of home placements if safety concerns are identified and not mitigated. If removal of a child is part of the safety intervention, obtain appropriate legal authorization and prepare necessary forms. Provide immediate crisis management and child protective services to remaining children in the home including referrals to community resources. Complete all necessary required elements of assessment as set forth by Volume VII within the mandated timeframes. Present information to Child Protection Team. Close assessments within regulated time frames.
*Provide case-specific documentation including adjustment of safety plans, court documentation, TRAILS entries of ROC notes and contact documentation, service referrals, and other related tasks within regulated time frames. Comply with all Volume VII procedures pertaining to and act in accordance with CFSR standards.
*Provides on-going services to children and families where abuse/neglect has occurred. Services include assessment of child/family, development of comprehensive treatment plans, monitoring, and referrals to community services.
*Provides a variety of ancillary assignments as needed including preparing and maintaining client records and completing required forms and reports according to state regulations.
*Provides mentoring to adolescents experiencing conflict with schools, families, police, etc. Counsels child and family to affect reunification, to effect cooperation or emancipation from placement, to promote self-sufficiency, provides permanency plans for children, and to de-escalate immediate crisis.
*Participate in the court process providing factual information regarding investigation and safety assessment. Attends court hearings, confers with lawyers, children, parents, and significant others in reference to their respective roles. Testify in court to make recommendations regarding treatment of child and family including the need for out of home placement, emergency protective orders and progress of initial protective orders and treatment.
*Attend Family Engagement meetings and participate in all future service review or progress meetings, learning what local resources are available, best practices and other County and State required practices and procedures. Develop and modify family service plans and refer to initial CORE services based upon the individual need of the family. Facilitate implementation of supportive services that provide for family stabilization. Provide case management until case closure or transfer.
*Participate in scheduled supervision, team meetings and unit meetings. Perform as an active team member in RED team, multi-disciplinary meetings and other professional work groups. Comply with the training guidelines mandated by Volume VII (maintain certification yearly) and or additional professional development as desired.
*Recruits new foster home parents. Assesses their motivation, child care skills, provides on-going supportive services to foster home parents to deal with behavior problems of children in placement.
*Provides on-call coverage for emergency child protection/adult protection issues during working and non-working hours on a rotation basis.
*Perform other duties as assigned.
Physical Requirements:
Work involves a considerable period of time (50-80%) away from a standard office environment much of which consists of driving to and from home visits and transporting children and clients. Work requires the ability to lift infants and small children. Work may occur in situations in which incumbent is threatened with physical harm by hostile, angry clients.
Special Skills, knowledge, abilities, or licenses required and their purpose in relation to the position:
This position requires a thorough knowledge of theories, principles, and concepts of social casework practice related to child protection i.e., child development, domestic violence, child abuse/neglect, etc. Ability to communicate with clients, peers, and other professionals in oral and written form.
This position requires the ability to work under stressful situations and demanding time frames. This position will require the need to make independent decisions based on thorough assessments.
The incumbent will be required to interpret guidelines and regulations covered in the Colorado Children’s Code, Volume VII of the Department of Social Services Rules and Regulations, which regulate procedures to be followed but do not provide the worker with instructions about how to treat or assess the family.
1. A Bachelor’s degree with a major in a human behavioral sciences field.
2. Submit a complete set of fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) that were taken by a qualified law enforcement agency to obtain any criminal record held by the CBI.
3. The person’s employment is conditional upon a satisfactory criminal background check; and subject to the same grounds for denial or dismissal as outlined in 26-6-104(7), C.R.S., including:
a. Checking records and reports; and
b. Individuals who have not resided in the state for two years shall be required to have a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint-based criminal history.
4. Payment of the fee for the criminal record check is the responsibility of the individual being checked. The CBI clearance letter (or photocopy of the old fingerprint card) and the new fingerprint card must be sent with money order payable to the CBI.
5. The county department shall ensure that newly hired social caseworkers whose job titles are identified in section 7.000.61, I, or any staff performing the duties and responsibilities assigned to these job titles complete the Child Welfare Training Academy, as a condition of their continued employment. Successful completion will be determined by pre and post tests, a demonstration of competence through structured on-the-job activities as defined in the on the job trainers manual, and trainer observation as defined by the trainer observation guide. This training must be completed and certification received prior to assuming their primary duties on an independent basis as prescribed by the state (Section 26-5-109, C.R.S.).
6. The county department shall ensure that newly hired social caseworkers and newly hired or promoted social services supervisors successfully complete the Child Welfare Academy structured on-the-job training.
The county department shall appoint a staff person to conduct the Child Welfare Academy structured on-the-job training with newly hired social caseworkers and newly hired or promoted social services supervisors.
7. The county department shall ensure that all experienced social caseworkers whose job titles are identified in section 7.000.61, K, or any staff performing the duties and responsibilities assigned to these job titles complete at least forty (40) hours of ongoing in-service training per year.

Deadline for Applying : Open until filled