Legal Technician /Co-Pep

Legal Technician /Co-Pep

Description :


JOB DESCRIPTION  This Non-Exempt position conducts in depth interviews with the custodial parent (CP) to obtain detailed and extremely personal information regarding the identity of the Non Custodial Parent (NCP); the determination of existing court orders; the whereabouts of the NCP and his/her available assets.    Interviews NCP and/or their attorneys to obtain information and determine the NCP’s ability to pay child support.

                        Reviews information provided by the CP and researches case records to determine current status, legal case history and determines the most appropriate legal procedure applicable, i.e., driver’s license suspension,  judgements, stipulations; prepares garnishment papers and works with employers to ensure follow-up; initiates appropriate paperwork and documents for cases involving interstate actions, interrogatories, income assignments, judgements, garnishments, and contempt actions.

                        Prepares legal documentation, i.e. Petitions, Motions, Summons, Bench Warrants, Judgements for District Court presentation; Completes case history for the Department’s attorney; presents testimony at court hearings; attends court hearings including those in which previous notice was not given by the courts; assists IV-D attorney at court hearings; discusses difficult or irregular cases with IV-D attorney; drafts pleadings subsequent to court hearings at the  request of attorney (findings of the court, etc.)  for the attorney’s approval and judge’s signature.  Initiates and receives communication to and from clients, district courts, attorneys, other child support units, public and private agencies.

Maintains a working knowledge of the Colorado Revised Statutes pertaining to child support establishment and enforcement, the protocol of the courts, the justice system, and legal documents.

Prepares legal documentation and cases for Administrative Process Actions, which consists of negotiating paternity and support orders and settlements with the NCP; analyzing financial affidavits; negotiating stipulations for child support orders.  This process is conducted at the child support office and eliminates the need for the court process.

Monitors child support payments and follows up when necessary.  Includes determining that payments are allocated correctly; monitoring and working reports sent from the State Department; delinquency letters; enforcement actions, i.e. income assignments, garnishments, driver’s license suspension, credit reporting, contempt citations, etc.Negotiates review and adjustments of child support orders when a change in circumstances warrants a modification of the existing order.  Sets up and monitors genetic testing procedures for paternity cases including ensuring that legal requirements are met such as the proper chain of command is followed, proper packaging of genetic samples, obtaining identification of parties tested and witnessing the sampling.  Meets regularly with the IV-A Unit to discuss case/client status and exchanges other pertinent information.

            Case/Records Management includes:  assuring that confidential information is secure; data entry of pertinent information in the Automated Child Support Enforcement System (ACSES); filing of documents in the case file, case documentation, both in case file and in the ACSES Chronology; reviewing reports and case status to determine correct class and status; determining the correct category and level of enforcement to be taken; taking action to locate the NCP through automated channels or by sending documents to outside agencies or other states. Each technician is responsible for certain individual duties such as, ACSES liaison, Family Support Registry liaison, Hospital Based Paternity liaison, bookkeeper, notary, Foster Care cases, serving on various committees, and any other duties as assigned.

            CO-PEP/2GEN   Clarifies and interprets to the client their responsibility to complete the necessary services.  Assists and guides applicants in completing forms, securing documents and other verifications needed in completing their application for employment and other services.  Interfaces on a consistent basis with client follow-up requiring accurate and complete data entry and case notes. Provides information and accesses the need for referral to other service staff members.  Makes referrals to other community agencies as needed.  Provides assistance with providers and clients to grow in maintaining cooperative relationships and/or directs issues to appropriate resources for  assistance and resolution.  Reinforces client self-esteem and motivation by continually providing feedback concerning progress toward achievement of goals; diffuses hostility and assists client to assess own situation and job readiness.     Attends mandatory meetings and training as provided the State Department or in house, i.e. monthly unit meetings and meetings with the Department’s attorney.

            Physical Requirements:

Work is usually performed in a standard office environment where there is freedom to sit, stand, or walk at will.  Appearance in district court accounts for a significant amount of time.

            Special Skills, knowledge, abilities, or licenses required and their purpose in relation to the position:

This is a technical training level position which requires the incumbent to learn and apply rules and regulations and court procedures, develop skills to locate absent parents, develop effective communications skills to gain information and arrange payments. Employee is required to learn to draft correct legal documents, methods of enforcement, collections methods. Requires the ability to plan and organize workload objectives.

            Supervisory Requirements:

Describe the level of supervision the position will require: Work is performed under close supervision during the initial training with more independence gained as skills and knowledge increase.

Purpose of supervision:

Decisions are reviewed by the supervisor for accuracy and conformance with program regulations and procedures.

Contact :

Prowers County Department of Human Services is seeking a Child Support Services Legal Technician/Case Manager.  Position requires incumbent to acquire extensive knowledge of procedures, learn and apply rules, statutes, and regulations related to child support services.  Incumbent will be required to attend meetings, trainings, webinars and conference calls to gain ongoing knowledge and skills to perform the job.  Duties will include drafting accurate legal documents, location of clients, enforcement and collection of child support.  Must possess effective communication skills to assess individual and family needs as well as have the ability to plan, organize, prioritize and problem solve workload activities.  The position also requires intensive case management and client interaction.  Must have a high degree of motivation, manage time efficiently and have the skills to effectively engage with clients to overcome barriers that are impacting economic stability.

Minimum qualifications:  High School Graduate or GED equivalency and at least two years full time office experience and extensive public contact.  Substitutions for two years of office experience include satisfactory completion of an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in business, behavioral science, or appropriately related field for the required experience on a year for year basis.  New hires will be required to submit to CBI and FBI fingerprinted background checks.  Applications will be accepted through 12/15/2019.  Questions may be directed to Glynda Pool at 719-336-7486 xt 131.  EOE

Deadline for Applying : Dec 15, 2019