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The Prowers County Sheriff's Office has 5 full-time deputies and 2 patrol sergeants that handle the call load. They answer calls for service and deputy-initiated calls as all law enforcement do. however, calls are not the only functions the Sheriff's Office is responsible for. Civil process, eviction notices, Sheriff's sales, Writs of Restitution, courtroom security, and criminal process are also tasks that must be handled. Patrol deputies also assist the Detention staff with taking inmates to court and handling investigations that might occur from crimes in the jail facility. The Sheriff's Office is also contracted as the primary law enforcement agency for the Town of Holly, Colorado.

The Sheriff's Office makes attempts to reduce funding in some areas of operations. We have been able to apply for and receive grants from federal agencies that result in equipment transfers to our agency. We have received three thermal imaging devices since 2001. These devices allow deputies to search larger areas in the cover of darkness. It also allows greater safety for Officers. This equipment can be used in search and rescue operations as well.