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A Food and Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children


groceriesProvides a variety of nutritious foods, breastfeeding support, assistance and education, nutrition counseling, health referrals, and infant formula.
Who is WIC For?

Women who are:

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum (up to 6 months after delivery)
  • Infants Up to 1 year of age
  • Children Up to age 5

Why is WIC important?
A proper diet during pregnancy can increase chances of having a healthy baby. Infants and children who are on WIC have improved growth and Physical development and lower the incident for anemia. Good nutrition, supported by the WIC Program, helps children grow up strong and healthy.

Need more Information about Breastfeeding?
breastfeedingBreastfeeding is considered the best method available to feed our babies. A few of the benefits for your baby include: less stomach upset, healthier babies, fewer ear infections, colds and viruses. Benefits for the mom are: special bond with the baby, reduces the risk for breast and uterine cancer, and osteoporosis, and best of all breast milk is free. 

Please Contact Prowers County WIC at: 719-336-5454
Local WIC Staff:
Angie Martinez, WIC Educator II 
Jennifer Vazquez, WIC Educator
Ryann Wollert, RN, WIC Supervisor and Breastfeeding Coordinator 
WIC is an equal opportunity program 
For more information you may call the Colorado State WIC office at 1-800-688-7777
Visit their website at