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Healthy Communities/HCP

Healthy Communities:

A Healthy Communities Outreach Coordinator is a person that can help clients navigate the Medicaid system as well as non Medicaid community systems.  Healthy Communities combines the best aspects of EPSDT Outreach/Case Management and CHP+ Outreach to better meet the needs of our clients.  For more information on what services Healthy Communities provide and where to locate a Healthy Communities Outreach Coordinator click the link: 

Presumptive Eligibility (PE):
Presumptive Eligibility is immediate temporary medical coverage for children under age 19 and pregnant women that have applied for Medicaid or CHP+ and appear eligible. PE provides no less than 45 days of coverage while client waits for eligibility determination.   Prowers County is an Application Assistance/PE site. Applicants who met eligibility requirements and are presumed eligible can receive immediate care. For more information about Medicaid/CHP+ or to download a application please go the Medicaid website:
Healthcare Program for Children with Special Needs (HCP)
HCP provides assistance in making and coordinating appointments for specialty   care, along with case management for children with special needs who meet state and local guidelines. In addition to referral to board certified specialists, Prowers County hosts Neurology Clinic. Referrals may be made to HCP Clinics outside the county. For more information visit the HCP website at:  
Communicable Disease Control:
Case Finding/tracking of all reportable diseases
HAN-Health Advisory Network System (Local, State, and Nationwide)
For information regarding any of these programs please contact:
Jennifer Vazquez
Healthy Communities Family Health Coordinator
 Serving Baca, Kiowa and Prowers County
1001 S. Main St., Lamar, CO 81052
719-336-8721 x226
Toll Free 1-866-821-1418